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Riding Centre Booking Software and Systems

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A computer for your booking system

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You don’t need a pc that costs the earth to run our software but it needs to be maintained and not a relic from the dark ages.
Basic rules are it’s not cluttered, not used by everyone and all the kids on pony days, is backed up and protected from spam.  That said the main pc needs to be –
The main host PC specification:
Windows 7, 8 or 10
Processor – Duo Core or greater
RAM – 4gb or greater
Monitor size – 17inch or greater (preferable for easier reading)
Backup drive – usb stick or removable hard drive
Internet access can either be constant or disconnected for a more secure environment.
Other user machines on the network:
Any other machine on your network that you want to access the booking system with can be either Mac or PC or tablet.
Lesser powerful than the main machine.
If you have a more complex requirement then we have further details and help on this available at our Support Centre
In general a modern machine that is not abused with loads of random software installed to play games, do social things and play music will last a good few years care free, but like anything, common sense prevails to keep it free from harm and running well.

Is your I.T up to the job?

It’s imperative that you make sure your kit is up  to the job so please check you have:
A paid for and up to date Anti-virus from a reputable provider that also scans for Malware.
A backup disc/external hard drive.
Offsite backup space.
A reliable pc that isn’t regularly breaking down or stuffed full of dust and hay.

Our Support

Our primary support is given to our booking system only.  If it turns out to be your pc or network that is at fault then we may apply charges to support given.
Saying that we do offer a remote service that will help to setup your pc and put it into a more secure and workable state for running our software.
Our PC Survey: £110
This service looks at security
Backup systems
User access
The survey does not include software costs including backup system licences, anti-virus etc. Term and conditions apply.

One final check and you’re there

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