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Riding Centre Booking Software and Systems

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Computer booking software for riding centres and stables

A powerful computer program that will help run your riding centre and stables more efficiently

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Maintaining your data more effectively can see increases in profits and better time and client management

Introducing change to your centre

An easy setup process

Ongoing support

Change is good but can introduce new problems

Change is good but can introduce new problems

“Our reception team have been with us for years and are not looking forward to learning a new system.”

Our systems works and we know that, but your staff need to be convinced. Providing the right training and support makes their transition easier and more stress free.

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Getting up to speed quickly is important so we help you from the outset

Getting up to speed quickly is important so we help you from the outset

“Ian and Kate provided the support we needed during the setup phase including importing our existing client data and lesson types.”

Once you have bought into the idea of computerising your office we need to make sure that system is up and running quickly and people don’t have a chance to dismiss its performance.

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Our software is extensive and needs to be implemented systematically

Our software is extensive and needs to be implemented systematically

“We created a plan with Ian on what we needed to get up and running first. It really helped as the ladies in the office were able to really get comfortable with it.”

Each yard we work with has a different way in which they like to work so we provide ongoing support with our software to make sure it meets you’re exacting needs.

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Some of the software features include

A lesson planner and diary

Automated lesson plans and future bookings stop double bookings and speed up re-bookings and customer payments

Client date management

Handling client data more effectively has huge benefits to your business. Everything from day to day communications to strategic marketing.

Management reporting

There is a huge array or reports that can be used by management to work with your accountant, marketing team, funding coordinators etc.

Funding applications

Our riding centre software has a whole host of reports that can be used to present figures to organisations such as HOOF.
You can also extract numbers that can be used to present your proposal to funding providers.

Horse care

Speed up the managing of regular care routines, be it shoeing, saddlery, farrier visits etc. Check lists are generated that allow you to maintain detailed lifelong records for each horse.

Financial handling

The system can act as your til allowing you to log payments received, credits, payment types. We have even expanded tat to include things like Gift Vouchers and Volunteers.

Livery and Billing tools

Many of our yards provide livery services, working livery, horse and pony rentals etc. The system has a billing feature to account for monthly bills as well as being able to handle things like Invoicing clients such as schools or visiting groups.


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“I have been using the Stable Management booking system for around 10 years now at two yards which I have run.
I couldn’t manage without it and would recommend it to any one trying to manage a busy riding school.
Linda Hinds – Operations Manager – Ebony Horse Club

PC, Mac and Tablet compatible

The system works across a network allowing multi-users on different devices to manage the system.

Riding Centre Booking Software and Systems

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Client facing screens

“The airport screen has been invaluable in keeping the reception free and promoting what’s going on.”

A lot of riding centres have a waiting area and this is prime real estate for selling and marketing what’s going on at the centre.

Freeing up the reception desk

The airport screen is a great way of rerouting people so as not to clog up the reception area.

Dynamic adverts

Every minute our airport screen refreshes to show lessons and adverts of your choice. A great way to sell direct to your customers and parents.

Positive customer experience

If you can improve your customers experience they can only speak highly of your riding centre and their time with you.

Riding Centre Booking Software and Systems

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So what next?

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