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A complete business solution for centre and clients

With over 25 years of equestrian centre and tech experience, you can be assured of our commitment to you and the equestrian industry. BHS  ABRS We’ve spent a long time simplifying processes, making sure you don’t waste time learning and more time earning!
  • Online booking managed by the centre AND OR clients
  • Care system
  • Yard and staff management

"Helping equestrian centres since 1998"

Who are Stable Management?

For over 20 years Ian Phillips ran the first equestrian specific booking system ‘Stable Management Systems’. 

His involvement with Wildwoods Riding Centre, Surrey, UK was where he learned the finer details of the equestrian business and centre management, whilst training his own horses for showjumping.

If you’re using ECPro, Hopoti, Stable Mate or Jack Joynsons Equestrian Software, you’ll see so many similarities to our solution that started them all. But now it’s time to come back on the scene, and help the riding centres, I worked with for over 20 years.




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Helping riding centres since 2005 we’re horsey people who value every customer

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You get real people helping you and not just an online system with nobody behind it .

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Faster client handling and management reporting

“It takes us seconds to generate reports that would have taken hours.” We are constantly listening to our riding centres and stables. It is their feedback that has allowed us to develop the system around how they work and what they need. Tell me more

No more double bookings or confusing paper diaries

“The booking system diary makes planning our lessons so much easier especially  the bulk bookings and checking of spaces for future riding lessons.” A lot of work has gone into the riding centre booking system diary as it is the main feature and core of our system. Being able to automate lesson planning and pull up lesson availability at the click of a button is just one way to save time and better manage your customers. Time saved = More profit Tell me more

Customer management will greatly improve how you handle your clients

“Being able to deal with our customers enquiries, bookings and payments so much quicker has made a huge difference.   It creates a greater level of confidence for our staff in knowing their customers better.” The system was born and bred within riding centres and I saw how clients interacted and the sort of information and help they needed. Always listing to our riding stables, the features have evolved and have been led by the stables and customer relationship. Being able handle multiple requests and cross sell to a client is one of our key objectives. Tell me more

Empowering your riding centre to better engage with customers

“We get emails from our riding centre towards the end of the week letting us know what spaces are available over the weekend.” In a world that places little value on loyalty, it is super important to stay in touch with your riding centre clients.  Regular communications and messages will keep your centres name at the front of their mind and keep that relationship alive. Tell me more