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Riding Centre Booking Software and Systems

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Riding centre software
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Getting started
The basic pc setup
Web design
Website design for equestrian Saddlers and Saddle Makers
Marketing services
Copywriting for your equestrian business
Photography services for your equestrian business
Search engine optimisation for equestrian websites
Social media for equestrian businesses

Website design for saddlers and saddlery shops

A powerful online solution that will help you deliver your brand to the equestrian community with a bit more kick!

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Your customers are online and waiting to see what you can deliver but are quick to judge

We know a thing or two about saddlery

Product photograpy

Professional copywriting

Unlike other web companies we're horse riders through and through

Unlike other web companies we’re horse riders through and through

“We’ve worked with Ian and Kate for years.   They really understand the saddle industry and how our clients work.”

Understanding the saddlery business gives us an immediate advantage.  We know the importance of quality and how a customer perceives your product and service.

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We can provide a studio photoshoot for your own saddles

We can provide a studio photoshoot for your own saddles

“The pictures we had done were superb. We’ve used them in animations, brochures and online.    We get a lot of comments about how it helps people to really see the product before we turn up.”

Our studio service is available to brands or saddlers who have their own product line.  We will deliver a range of shots per saddle and bridles to suit.

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We pride ourselves on the written word and how that triggers customers online

We pride ourselves on the written word and how that triggers customers online

“It was so much easier getting our content written by a copywriter.  We found it hard to write about ourselves and could never finish it.”

You know your product but we know Google.   We’ll ask you to produce the basic content and from that we will expand on it and tweak it to do well in search engines.

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So how do we work with saddlers and saddlery shops

How does your project begin?

The first thing we do is discuss your saddlery business and find out a bit more about you, your business goals and the types of client or market you specifically service.

We will look at your brand an where it sits online right now?

Using existing search data we can see just how well you are doing online and that gives us a baseline to work from.
Something like Google Analytics is really helpful for digging into people habits.

Creating a global message for your saddlery business.

A brand is not just visual. We spend time working on the words that will help customers identify with your saddlery business.

A possible brand/logo makeover

So many sadders and saddlery shops have been going for such a long time that their visual identity has become faded. We need to keep things looking fresh as a viewers perception of your products is based on how they remember you from other sources.

A feature rich website that shines

You end up with a saddlery website that has pzazz and style. Everything from the words to the imagery and brand will step off the page and make the customer take note.



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Our websites for saddler and saddlery shops are feature rich

Customisable website features

Customise your site

Great support

Having any questions or suggestions regarding the theme? We’re always here.

Search engine optimised

The biggest priority for any website promoting you business.

100+ web fonts

Transform the theme with custom google web fonts and font styles.

Mutliple blog styles

Display your blog posts that way you want, with our multiple blog styles.

Events calendar

Being able to display your equine events helps customers to keep tabs on things.

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A mobile and tablet compliant website

Your website is undeniably important to your saddlery business and your clients have determined it has to be mobile compatible.

Riding Centre Booking Software and Systems

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3d animations of your saddles and bridles

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Powerful imagery just got better

Using our high quality imagery we can animate your saddles and bridles to show them off in real time.

Allowing your customers to interact with a saddle or bridle experiencing the product quality, leather, stitching and metalwork.

Your words and description then expand upon the experience culminating in the viewer making an enquiry.

It’s now down to you to make the final sale!

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Fast website hosting and email

“Pages load quickly and this definitely makes it easier when moving around the site.”

Google puts a lot of weight against page speed. Without this your site won’t rate as highly in searches so we have teamed up with a specialist website host that provides powerful website hosting services.

Website backups

Our hosting partners provide a backup plan with the website hosting. Please read our terms regarding website hosting.

POP 3 email

We run a powerful email solution with our hosting including anti spam. Email forwarding can be handled if you use Gmail.

Uptime guaranteed

Our hosting partners guarantee 99% uptime on all websites.

Riding Centre Booking Software and Systems

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Find out more about our websites for saddlers and saddlery shops