A wealth of knowledge guaranteed

Stable Management came about by chance when a geek running a technology company in London decided to pack it all in and follow his dream whilst raising a young family way back in 2005 Already a keen horse rider and showjumper, Ian had packed up his business in London and decided that the time was right to do what he wanted and bring up his girls. But it wasn’t long before itchy feet and a meeting with a riding centre opened the doors to a whole new world of ideas and Stable Management was born.

A real world problem

With 20+ years of experience in media, a mind full of ideas and technologies it was blatantly obvious that the equestrian world was living in the dark ages and in denial of possible change. Diaries full of rubbed out pencil notes and missing records were in no way what Ian was used to, so trying to get a business to make a 180 turnaround was a real challenge. A live in stratey was taken and Ian actually worked in the industry and centre where it all began to get that real hands on feel for the riding centre world.

Dreams to reality

The booking system idea came about once we had identified the various assets within the business and also recognised the problems faced, but it was clear to see this was not a basic solution. Every yard has a similar need, but how they get to the end results varies widely so over the years Ian has adopted a method of agile development that has given greater insight into the way the system is used and how it can be moulded.

A never ending story

For now I cannot see this journey ending.  It’s certainly a complex industry to work in, but the personal rewards have been huge and the chance to help businesses and people far more rewarding than any corporate role I’ve ever had.

Are you ready for change

Most yards I have spoken with have come to me with trembling fingers, thinking it is going to be a real challenge but truth be told, it is only as hard as yo make it. Working with Stable Management means you have all the support you’ll ever need. Ian Phillips has run Stable Management since 2003 and has seen the industry change from the outside but not within. He says “the industry needs to catch up and embrace change far quicker or face being left behind whilst other sports take your place”