Cyber security

It doesn’t matter what software you use – we’re all processing info on a daily basis so we need to be aware of the problems and try and get a basic understanding. Employ an IT expert With the GDPR (Data Protection looming in May 2018) it makes sense to get the help of a professional […]

Offsite backups

There was a time when the word “Offsite backups” sent confusing shakes down the spine not quite knowing, how, what and where things were going, stored and secured. If we look at the big players in online storage it seems that they’ve certainly got a better setup and understanding than all of us put together […]

Cloud or office based

Many of you have heard of the Cloud and with our world becoming ever more online it seems logical to look at that as a viable platform, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s establish what the cloud is The cloud is a virtual environment, so all of your data, files and […]

Saving yourself with backups

The NHS have just published that some of their systems have been attacked and hacked by Ransomeware. It’s not surprising considering they are using antiquated versions of windows, but saying that they do have a whole army of IT and security experts at their disposal so how on earth can you stay safe. The first […]

Is there a electronic diary for riding centres

We’ve been asked if there is an electronic diary for riding centres available that really works in the way centres need it to. Stable Management was designed to work in the way you do and the diary is a great example of this. With its ability to speed up the booking process, you can also […]

How to get better equestrian employees

One of the biggest problems many of you face is staffing and more specifically finding quality equestrian employees.  Most of the riding centres we deal with have encountered problems at some point with staff that are unreliable, under-skilled and un-inspired. Don’t feel too despondent.   There are some really committed, hardworking and enthusiastic riding instructor, grooms, riders […]

Is there a computer system for riding centres

I’ve seen a post online from people asking ” is there a computer system for riding centres ” and the obvious answer is YES.  It’s right here. Stable Management was started back in 2004 and since then has been working with riding centres around the world to help them improve their businesses using the computer […]

Are you really using a free internet?

I have to say it – awesome: one of the best and most true to life videos describing a platform that has turned the “hunter into the hunted”

Speed of change

Change is great and change is good! But we’re not looking to know what change brings as we already know it offers: the chance for a business to remain current reach out for new opportunities encourage innovation and improvement increased efficiency improved attitudes What we want to discover is how fast to implement change! For […]

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act is something we all have to abide by as we all have records of clients stored in one form or another, but how many of you are fully aware of them. Because the content of this article would form part of a contract you will have with employees, contractors etc. I […]