You have the power to make a difference!

With most banner ads delivering terrible returns for your spend and even worse conversion rates, we need to look within to see what people want and respond to. The mere idea of bolting on an advert to the side of a social media platform, when you know the user has one task in mind and that does not include looking at your ad.

It isn’t a total lost cause but you need to be creative. Somehow we need to create ads that break the mould and score clicks for your business, but also create new customers.

Below is a short list of tips for Advertising your equestrian business with banner ads.


Stand out and blend in!

The online environment we all regularly participate in is washed with advertising and we have become immune to it, especially in our social network circles. As advertisers you are competing with other paid for content but more importantly against the users entire social network.

Creating an advert that will be accepted within a social platform seems to be something that carries a contradictory method.   The advert itself needs to be able to “Standout and Blend in”.   The thinking behind this is that the social content should be relevant so tat the advert does not look out of place, but it still needs to grab a readers attention with striking images an well written messages.


Stock images

How many times do you see an image on Facebook and then recall a number of other places you have seen it before.    Using stock images will kill an ads performance.

Using the 3 R’s method will help to recognise if  your image is going to bomb. “Real People” – “Real things” – “Real Pictures”   Often an image provided by a customer or followers is perfect for this sort of use.


Text overlays

A powerful image can easily hide the written word so we need to make sure our equestrian advert is going to be read and not only glanced at.


Having the correct contrast works on multiple levels.   We not only see the text clearly over the background, but we are stimulated emotionally which can trigger a response.



Our association with colours creates triggers in our responses.

More powerful than the wording, the colours and responses they trigger.


Plan your photoshoots, choice of images you use and even the structural colours of your web page to take this into consideration.