If you are a saddler or have a saddlery shop then how well are you promoting your services online as I can assure you , you’re customers are hanging out there.

One of our local saddlers, Spragg Saddlery came to us asking for help back in 2010. We looked at their brand and product/services.   It was very much word of mouth and no real identity aside of that.   Also after looking at the custom made saddles they made we realised there was something of a USP that could be leveraged.

The project evolved from a simple website to a complete photoshoot in our studio of their saddles, but we took it one step beyond and animated the saddles so they could be spun and looked at in high definition.


In 2015 Richard came back to us and together we identified how the market had changed online so the site had to be updated.   It is now mobile compliant and has been re-written to cater for the services they now offer.

flap-strapsIf you consider that each and every one of your customers has a mobile phone and each one of those is a smartphone and then think how often they are heads down in that device it is plain to see that mobile compliant websites are an absolute must for saddlers and saddlery shops.

As regards eCommerce for saddlery shops, it may be you simply want a brochure site that acts like eCommerce but doesn’t have the checkout process activated.     That way you get the benefits of an online shop and the tools your clients are used to.   That method is used a standup paddleboarding website we run and it works well.

If you are a saddler or have a saddlery shop then please get in touch as we’d love to talk with you about your business and brand.

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We can provide everything from:    Website design, Photography, Copywriting and Brand creation. We also help with Social media and Search engine optimisation and promotion.