Using our software to manage your trail riding centre can help to increase client retention and reduce admin time.

We often get asked how it can be used for trail riding centre management so let me explain.

Like a normal riding centre you still use the standard client features.  You add horses and staff etc.   You show money being taken as normal.

The only difference is that you name your lessons to relate to your trail rides e.g

You then change the names of the schools to relate to the different ride routes e.g

By using it in this way you know exactly how long a rider went out for and where they went.

Trying to increase client retention

Often trail ride and hacking centres are dealing with holiday makers or infrequent riders so you need to be able to stay in touch with those people.

By managing and communicating with them via email is one way as well as Facebook.   Knowing when they last rode and getting in touch with future offers makes them realise and remember you still exist.

This is all logical stuff but quite often it is skimmed over as the information is not readily or easily available.


Increasing cash flow

Why not try offering people discounts for buying package deals up front. Offer them the chance to buy a voucher for future use etc.   This sort of planning can see you through the quiet times such as winter.