I often say to yards about their bookings and cancellations which leads us onto how they manage payments from clients for future lessons.

The obvious way to reduce cancellations and no-shows is to ask for payment up front, so whilst it is seen to be another step it is well worth it to your business.

The general process for up front payment uses the same method as adding credit so let me explain the principal instead.

  1. Take a phone asking to book next weekend.
  2. Check the places available and agree they can book in.
  3. Put the rider in the lesson as normal.
  4. Now goto riders name and add a new credit for that amount.
  5. Make a note it is being bought to hold a place in that future lesson. This is an option
  6. On the day of the lesson you deduct the credit as per normal whether or not the rider attends the lesson based on your cancellation terms.