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Getting the buy in from your team

The first thing to do is decide on a training program for all staff members. By making sure all staff members are given adequate training means we can focus on the positives the system will bring instead of having to deal with peoples barriers to change and ultimate rejection. We can provide a training day on site or centres can come to our office for a free 2 hour  session. For centres we work with remotely we can provide a training program that is given by Skype.

System setup

Step 1) We have setup an area for you online into which you can dothe primary setup phase before we finalise the installation on your office network pc/s.

When we sent you this info and address you will also have been given the user logins, which must be kept safe. We’ve also advised you that the web browser you need to use is either Mozilla Firefox, Googe Chrome or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer or Edge.

Step 2) We need you to email us a list of your lesson types e.g

Adults pivate 1/2 hourKids semi private 3/4hr

Just send us your list and confirm by each type if it is for kids and or adults. Once we have this we will write up the list in a way that suits the system and input it for you.

Step 3) The following things need to be setup by you before you try using the lesson planners. Login to the system and go down to Admin on the left menu. Go into the following items on that page and setup the features to suit your yard.

Riding centre detailsUser loginsStaff listingsSchoolsLunch and daylight hoursSource enquiriesNew client termsAccident report termsMembership typesRiding levelsRider typeSupppliersSupplier typeCertifications providersCertifications titles

Step 4) Now goto the Horses button on the left menu. You can now add all of your riding centre horses.

Once we have added the lesson types for you, the system is ready to go.

We recommend that the launch of the system is done in stages. When we say that we mean, break down the things you do and consider each one individially i.e riding lesson, livery, holiday let, clubs etc.

Centres who offer a lot of different types of services maybe overwhelmed by how they’re going to take their current and well understood processes so doing it step by step make life a lot easier.

I would suggest working on :

Riding lessons moved from paper diary to systemRiding lesson also means putting money through the systemAdd Care to the system for all shoeing etc.


Best practice for lesson planning and use of diary

This is really down to how you prefer to work as the system is very flexible.

If you run the same lesson plan every week with few minor variations then use Lesson Templates – tutorial

If you find that in general you have the same riders, week in week out then put them into the templates so they get carried forward.

If you have completely random people then don’t put them in the templates and only add them into the LIVE diary as and when.


Don’t just steam in without consulting us first when you have developed your plan or own ideas.

Once you have a plan please contact us so we can confirm the ideas you have will work well within the system and give you maximum results.