[section is_fullwidth=”” addcontainer=”container” margin=”” nopadding=”” grey=”” background_image=”” video=”” background_color=”” class=”” auto_generated=”” first_in_builder=”1″ _made_with_builder=”true”][row][column width=”1_1″ demo_text=”” demo_select=”” _made_with_builder=”true”][text_block text=”<p>We have a quick way to shorten a lesson time by a few minutes that can save ages in admin time</p><h6>Firstly let me explain why this may come in handy.</h6><ol><li>You&nbsp;are running a kids group for the day and book it in between 10-3.</li><li>You assign your instructor to the lesson. A customer then calls&nbsp;and wants a lesson at 2.45 but their usual instructor is taking the kids&nbsp;group. Being able to shorten the kids group by 15 mins would allow you&nbsp;to book that extra lesson in and you could then give the kids another&nbsp;helper or instructor for the last 15 minutes.</li><li>You have a&nbsp;group lesson or hack who have booked in and you have put the 8 riders on<br />the lesson.&nbsp; They then call back to say they need to finish&nbsp;earlier, so instead of cancelling the lesson and rebooking everything in&nbsp;we use our new feature.</li></ol><h6>Shortening the lesson:</h6><ol><li>This feature only works for admin or power users so if you cannot see the feature you need to increase your privelages.</li><li>Go&nbsp;into the lesson and look just under the button that allows you to&nbsp;change the lesson type. You will see a button titled "click here"</li><li>Click it and a popup window opens with details of the current lesson start and finish times.</li><li>Below that is a drop down menu that has the available times you can reduce the lesson to.</li><li>Note that once you have reduced the lesson you cannot increase it.</li></ol>” _made_with_builder=”true”][/text_block][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_2″ demo_text=”” demo_select=”” _made_with_builder=”true”][button btn_text=”Riding centre software SUPPORT” btn_link=”https://www.stable-management.co.uk/support-for-riding-centres-by-stable-management/support-for-riding-centre-booking-system/” btn_type=”btn-primary” centered=”centered” target=”_self” _made_with_builder=”true”][/button][/column][column width=”1_2″ demo_text=”” demo_select=”” _made_with_builder=”true”][button btn_text=”If you still need help get in touch now!” btn_link=”https://www.stable-management.co.uk/contact” btn_type=”btn-primary” centered=”centered” target=”_self” _made_with_builder=”true”][/button][/column][/row][row][column width=”1_1″ demo_text=”” demo_select=”” _made_with_builder=”true”][widget_area sidebar=”” _made_with_builder=”true”][/widget_area][/column][/row][/section]