Speed of change

2 March 2017 eaqmt Comments Off on Speed of change ABRS, BEF, British Horse Society, Marketing, Riding centre software, Uncategorized

Change is great and change is good!

But we’re not looking to know what change brings as we already know it offers:

  • the chance for a business to remain current
  • reach out for new opportunities
  • encourage innovation and improvement
  • increased efficiency
  • improved attitudes

What we want to discover is how fast to implement change!

For many of you out there in the horse world you have dreams and aspirations driven by a love of horses, but that isn’t always a good angle to come at your business from. Your passion may be putting blocks up that are holding you back and that then carries over to your team who may lose confidence in the ideas you have already presented so how fast do you need to act?


Deliver change

If you want change to take hold and not find resistance which in turn causes delays then  a number of actions at the outset should help to get you there quicker.


  • Force the change throughout the business and eliminate the old methods to there is no option.   You could see this as aggressive, but it has the benefit of not allowing parallel systems to run which reduces confidence in the new methods.
  • Create comparisons – this one is interesting. People don’t work well on things that they cannot compare so this may be of use when developing pricing structures.   If you are putting out prices with a very high level of instructor, make sure to show it is priced at a premium and then give comparable lessons, still with increased prices.   People will negotiate those price changes and should then decide to recognise the value.
  • Another means of speeding up change is to show how the previous methods were harder and more time and effort intense. “We know that people need to understand the upside to be interested, but the downside in order to change.”

However you decide to deliver change be it to a pricing plan, daily work routines or marketing strategy don’t hold back and fall behind.   Build some momentum and use the positive energy of the team to help carry it forward. “No different than pushing a car off the start line”


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