The NHS have just published that some of their systems have been attacked and hacked by Ransomeware. It’s not surprising considering they are using antiquated versions of windows, but saying that they do have a whole army of IT and security experts at their disposal so how on earth can you stay safe.

The first thing to do is recognise what risk means with the info you keep on your pc.  You could find yourself in any one of these situations:

Whatever situation you find yourself in, the solution in some way will cost you in both time and money, so it is obvious that knowing these problems exist means we have to make some sort of plan to reduce damage.

Damage limitation is pretty simple and costs very little, but many of you ignore the risks and only react when the proverbial has hit the fan.

Misunderstanding viruses

There is a belief that having anti virus installed will be everything sorted, but that is not true.   There are many types of virus and the anti virus companies are always playing catch-up.   By the time you update your pc anti virus it may be too late and your files could be infected.   Once infected, not all viruses can be cleared, especially Ransomeware.

Many of you have probably never actually paid for your antivirus software after the initial trial period and that is a huge mistake.   You have in effect left your front door open to attack.

Viruses can get on your machine in so many ways including:

A basic method of damage limitation for all scenarios.

What don’t you need.

I’ve seen some riding centres go way overboard with complicated networks and lots of machines that far outweigh the use they actually have. Keep it simple and life is so much easier to maintain.

How can we help

If you ‘re unsure on anything mentioned than we’re happy to give you some free advice and time.