There are many ways to build a more resiliant infrastructure for your data, but at the end of the day you really need to keep it simple so you don’t get bogged down with tech.

Something I’ve been playing with is to use the NAS drive type system to act as a hub for data.   A NAS drive can be bought from PC World and generally is used for things like home data storage, movie streaming etc.    An example unit is the WDMirrorCloud.

The diagram I have produced here shows the Mirror drive connected to your basic network router so it then becomes available on any pc you connect to the network.


Nice and simple so far and what this means is you can store your word documents, spreadsheets etc. on the drive and then access them from any machine you use in the office.  This is basically replacing a server pc .

Now here’s the trick – scammers and viruses are everywhere and will everything they can to ruin your day so we need to make sure there is a plan of action if the worse happens.

With your data being stored on this backup drive doesn’t not mean it is protected, it is merely conveniently stored.    The trick is to then make a backup of this stored data on another drive that you only run once a week.    Once backed up you disconnect the backup drive so any virus creaping onto your network cannot attack it.

I know for 99.9% of you, you’ll never have to deal with an attack, but in my experience of recovering lost data, you really want to pre-empt the worse case scenario.  This will save you a fortune in time and money.