Not on my Yard Anti Bullying Campaign

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If you see anyone suffering with low self esteem, a lack of confidence, shyness then why not step up and become a friend!   With a world of cyber socialites it is easier than ever to become locked out and this needs to change.

Tudor Rose Equines have chosen to spread the word and stand up for what is right in the world.

The message is simple: “NOT ON MY YARD!”

Pioneers – Tudor Rose Equines ‘Not On My Yard’ will be the first official Anti Bullying Campaign from within the equine world.

Awareness – We want to highlight and stop cyber bullying by raising awareness backed by leading & influential ambassadors of our sport.

Conduct – By raising awareness venues, clubs, social media groups yards and organisations within the equine industry follow a simple code of conduct which demonstrates that bullying will not be tolerated in any form.


How do we achieve this?

  • National Anti Bullying Week launches between 14th – 18th November 2016.
  • We aim to have silicone wrist bands made which can be distributed at our events and shows and other equestrian outlets.
    Unique small banners/posters to be made with the campaign logo ‘Not On My Yard’ helping raise awareness for the cause.
  • Large social media presence through our own outlets as well as support from leading organisations (such as the FEI).
  • Nominated hashtags around various outlets of social media using the strap line #NotOnMyYard.
  • Dedicated coverage of the campaign on the FEI website.
  • A planned photo shoot (scheduled for September 2016) as part of the campaign with ambassadors of each discipline.
  • Production of stickers that can be displayed in horse boxes/trailers and other equine transport.
  • Testimonial from individuals that have tackled and conquered bullying sharing their unique stories.


The pinnacle of the campaign

As a highlight to this campaign, we aim to gather as many riders from as many equestrian disciplines all together for one day to capture a photo shoot which will heighten the message and show solidarity within our sport between the 13th – 17th September.

We aim to have representatives from the following disciplines of ‘Top of Their Game’ riders in order to promote the cause and help stamp out bullying in our sector.

All would be present donned in their traditional dress for their discipline held in a wide outdoor setting we feel that would be an amazing sight to see.


Discipline Representatives

– Dressage
– Show Jumping
– Eventing
– Hunting
– Polocrosse
– Polo
– Vaulting
– Natural Horsemanship
– Queens Guards
– Side Saddle
– Carriage Driving
– Endurance
– Showing
– Western/Reining
– Stunt Riding

In addition to this we will be inviting 3 competition winners to take part in the photo shoot and meet their idols.

The winners will be picked from the testimonials provided by people who have come forward as part of the campaign and shared their experiences of bullying.

We hope that you find our campaign as exciting a project as we do and thank you for taking the time to review the details.

With support of the FEI and top level riders to launch this first of its kind UK campaign, we have every hope that it will be successful and benefit thousands of riders, young and old alike, to tackle the horrible taboo of bullying in the equine world.

A number of leading Equestrians have stepped up to show support, help raise awareness by posting your best and imaginative photos with the hash tag #notonmyyard on any social media platform such as facebook, twitter and Instagram

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