Most of you are tied up with running the business and focussing on the immediate, but anyone in the know will tell you that the future is where it’s at and to get there you need to plan.

Being able to analyse the data held within your booking system is crucial if you are going to make informed decisions relating to marketing spend, investments into the yard and growth.   Even funding can be supported with good data.

We recently spent a couple of days working with an ex. retail analyst who was very interested to see what sort of information our system pumped out.   More interesting to see was how there ideas differed to those who work directly within the industry and how they read the data.

Based on the time spent, we developed a few more reports that were of real use to them and one really interesting one that would allow the centre to evaluate the value of lessons given at certain times of day/week.

Obviously all of this is irrelevant if you don’t have plans for marketing and better customer engagement, but that is what we are here to help you with.   If you’d like to find out more about our additional services fro marketing your business then please get in touch now.