The Data Protection Act is something we all have to abide by as we all have records of clients stored in one form or another, but how many of you are fully aware of them.

Because the content of this article would form part of a contract you will have with employees, contractors etc. I don’t want to give any advice, but will lay down the basics and point you in the right direction so you can make your own assessments.

Put simply the Data Protection Act is there to keep your stored data safe.  Anything you store be it staff records, client details etc. will fall under this act and it doesn’t matter if that is paper based or computerised.

Basic terminology

Riding centre staff

Anyone who comes into contact with the personal records such as client details or staff records is a “Processor” and as such they need to have a contract that details their responsibilities regards the Data Protection Act.

What could form the basis of a claim

A claim would take the form of a court case or a personal claim and could be costly so you need to make sure you have documented proof in place of how you store and secure records and the Data Protection rules that you have abided by and the contractual obligations all of your staff have to abide by.

My own suggestions

I have my own thoughts, knowing how yards and their staff work.


Further help

For more information about the rules laid down please visit

Contact them immediately and tell them what you do and how you store records and see if you need to register with them.  Make sure you mention all the ways in which you take on staff who are both paid and not paid as they all come into contact with the personal information you store and therefore are a risk.

You may find you need to rewrite all your staff contracts.   It may be best to get legal help in producing these contracts.