Since it was decided to leave the EU the country has been divided in mind and spirit, but for many small businesses the biggest hit has been a financial one.

The Euro and Dollar exchange rate has taking a real whack and anyone importing is already facing the need to increase prices by 20% to counter the effect.

That said it may not come as a surprise to find a little glimmering light ahead for riding centres who are willing to reach out.

For many of your clients the effects of Brexit may have an effect on their businesses or employment so with that in mind they’re probably thinking of reining back the spending or downscaling a foreign holiday due to the currency.   If that’s the case then they are going to be looking for things to do and here is where you come in!

Why not:

  1. Create some packages to entice more rider frequency.
  2. Create a members program and try and increase loyalty.
  3. Spice up your offerings and break away from what some would see as the norm.
  4. Tidy up the office and rip out the old junk promotions off the wall – then reprint them, nice and stylish, clear offerings – DECLUTTER!!!
  5. Maybe look at applying for funding to better your facilities.  There are loads of pots of money in the most obscure places.
  6. Diversify your business – glamping and fields go well together.  It doesn’t have to cost too much to setup and could give you that extra bit of income to help.
  7. Come out of your bubble and network. Many of the yards I deal with have become very insular and lost touch, only ever dealing with horses so look outside of the equine industry.
  8. Set goals and achieve them.
  9. Don’t get too bogged down with the media hype.


It’s not all doom and gloom. #brexit #exchangerates #ukeconomy #britishhorsesociety #bef #hoof