I’ve been working with riding centres and equestrian business for over 12 years and in that time the evolution of The Cloud has gone from something of myth to reality. Saying that, it is still a solution that doesn’t suit everyone, no matter what the salesman from BT tells you so let me explain my own industry based findings.

I’ve created a really simple diagram to explain the concept, showing both a good day when everything is working just fine and then when it goes wrong.

Obviously the idea is that your data, be it files or our riding centre software is stored on the internet, which gives you 24/7 access to the data from any location.  That’s great when you are guaranteed a connection to the web but what happens when you lose connection.   Your business cannot function.   In my experience and I think most riding centres agree, they have variable success of internet connection due to their rural locations.

For centres who want remote access of their data we do offer a remote service that gives you access to your data, but does not rely on The Cloud, so your office will always be functional.